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URA Confirmed Three Sites Under GLS Programme Singapore

Under GLS Programme H1 2020 Over the last few months, three real estate projects have been added to the URA that confirmed three sites under GLS Programme H1 2020. The Singapore Bureau of Statistics has announced that another ten housing projects are in the pipeline. This is a positive sign for developers since the timing […]

Why Is The Demand For New Housing Higher Than Supply?

As the American population ages, so too does its housing stock. After more than 30 years of steadily rising house prices, the state of housing in the United States has shifted from limited demand to mass and accelerating demand. This shift is due to many factors, but it is most certainly driven by the aging […]

The Ultimate Luxury and Serenity

Let’s face it: foreign investors are hunting for luxury properties in Singapore. A few weeks ago, a journalist called me and asked if we could come up with a list of the best luxury properties in Singapore. Since I am a real estate expert and know a bit about luxury properties, I was more than […]

Is the Rise in Home Prices a True Reflection

Is the rise in home prices is a true reflection of the real estate market? In reality, there are very few people who can answer this question. If you are an investor or a home buyer, how should you interpret the increase in house prices? It is not a fact that the rise in the […]

Sars 2003 affect Singapore property prices

This is an expert opinion that people will not do well to ignore when trying to know about the Sars 2020 effect on Singapore property prices. Singapore government has enacted a number of laws and orders that have been designed to help the poor people in the society and has also taken steps to protect […]

How to Protect Your Relationship From Your Property

When looking for ways to protect your relationship from your property, there are many things you need to think about. You have many choices when it comes to protection and you can do a lot of research if you want to. There are some very important things that you need to know. Here is a […]

The Coronavirus will affect Resale Property Sellers

If you own a Singapore Resale Property and are considering selling your property, you are probably wondering how the Coronavirus virus will affect you as a Seller. Does the virus ruin the resale value of my property? Is my property really worth more than what I paid for it? What can I do to protect […]

How Singapore Tenants Can Get Cheaper Rent

Renting a home in Singapore is not as expensive as it is for many foreigners in the world, as there are many Singaporeans who have family in their homeland that wants to relocate there to work or live. The government of Singapore has the duty to promote and provide affordable housing for all citizens. To […]

All the Things That Can Go Wrong When Upgrading to a Condo

With your newly acquired condo, you will want to make sure that everything is in order when you make the switch from a standard house or townhouse to a condominium. The list of all the things that can go wrong includes; making sure you get the heating system set up and working correctly, getting all […]